Vendor Registration 2017

Gluten Free For Life Expo 2017

The Gluten-Free in Florida Support Group is pleased to present our Sixth annual Gluten-Free for Life Expo at the St Pete Coliseum. We extend to you an invitation to participate in this event. We're expecting from 800 - 1,200 people to attend to learn about products and services for individuals with Celiac Disease and Gluten Intolerance.

March 25th, 2017 - 11:am till 4:pm
St Petersburg Coliseum
535 Fourth Avenue North
St Petersburg, FL   33701

Our event is unique in that it’s run by the Celiac, Gluten-Free Community for the Community.  And while our event is open to the public we take great pride in knowing that 95% of our visitors come directly from the Celiac & Gluten-Free Community.  It’s no secret that last year our attendance was an amazing 1,200 people with an additional 110 children, who come to shop and sample from 60 Gluten-Free Vendors from around the country. We work closely with local Support Groups giving you the opportunity to build lasting relationships with people who need, and love, your products.  We know you won’t be disappointed.

The Gluten-Free for Life Expo is one day, not two, minimizing your participation cost.  The Expo is 5 hours long, which makes for a very high energy day packed with a valuable punch of loyal clientele.  Vendor costs are affordable with no hidden charges. Up-charges are something we avoid by maintaining very simple, basic booth pricing. We also offer discounted rates for Florida based/licensed businesses.  Vendors are expected to offer a minimum of 800+ Samples for our Guests to try or take home.  This is a sell event so you can recoup booth costs and our Visitors can purchase products at discounted rates.  ALL products offered on the Vendors floor MUST be Celiac safe. 

Vendor space will be approximately 8 x 10sq feet, which includes a standard sized 6ft table with white linen cover and two chairs. Electric spaces are available. Vendors may sell their products at the Expo and are expected to offer samples. Table assignments will be based on receipt of a completed application form and payment. Priority will be given to those who book early.

VENDORS - total of 40 available:
    Standard Vendor Booth – 8x10 $400.00
    Electric Vendor Booth - 8x10     $450.00

In addition - 20 available for Support Groups and Florida Vendors
              (Florida based/licensed businesses only)   
    Standard Vendor Booth – 8x10 $200.00
    Electric Vendor Booth - 8x10     $250.00
    Support Groups - 8x10                $50.00

Platinum Sponsor - ($5,000.00) Gluten-Free for Life Expo Sponsored by...
Gold Sponsor - two available ($3,500.00)
Silver Sponsor - three available ($2,000.00)     
Friend Sponsor - five available ($1,000.00)
Water Sponsor - six available ($500.00)

DONATIONS - $25.00 advertising fee

Checks must be made payable to:
     Gluten-Free for Life Expo
     P.O. Box 5433
     Largo, FL   33779

Carolanne LeBlanc
Coordinator and Registered Agent
The Gluten-Free for Life Expo is a section 501(c)3 charitable organization. 
All gifts and donations are tax deductible in accordance with the law.

Participating vendors must be advertising or selling a product or service, which is in some way related to the Gluten-Free lifestyle. Vendors will include local Health Experts, Gluten-Free Bakeries, Life Coaches, Gluten-Free Manufacturers, Nutritionists, Health Food Stores etc. Focus will be on more than just the food…but on Living Gluten-Free for Life.

Because the Coliseum is an Historic Building with a beautiful wood floor there is no cooking and no fire allowed on site. Samples can be distributed in 1 oz. cups. Samples can be heated beforehand but there can be no open flames for cooking. Electricity is available for an additional rate for microwaves and hotplates to re-heat food samples if needed. Electric warmers, chafing dishes, or single burners (to sauté something) are OK. Each vendor that is doing any heating will need a fire extinguisher at their table. The Coliseum will have a Fire Marshal on site and they will check on these things. Please advise us immediately if you will be needing electricity. It is a standard 20 amp circuit placed beneath your table. All Vendors requiring electric should bring any drop cords they may need and blue painters tape to secure.

Refrigeration/Freezer Space
The Coliseum DOES NOT have any refrigeration or freezer space available. If you have frozen or perishable product you will need to provide your own coolers and dry ice that can be stored under your table for the day. Because the Coliseum has hardwood floors it might also be recommended that you have some sort of cloth to place under your cooler to protect the floors.

Donations for Food Bank/Raffle Baskets
As previously requested, ALL donations are gratefully accepted. Items to be included in the Raffle Baskets MUST be received by March 15th, and can be shipped to a residential address to be provided. Please contact us for further information. Any food left at the end of the day will be accepted by the Tampa GF Food Bank. If the vendor’s product is frozen only or has a short shelf life, we will accept coupons/gift certificates in their place.

Vendor space will be approximately 8 x 10sq feet, which includes a standard sized 6ft table with white linen cover and electrical if purchased. Vendors may sell their products at the Expo and will be responsible for any taxes occurring from those sales. Vendors are asked not to begin breakdown until the event closes at 4:00 pm. If you have any special requests or requirements from the floor plan please notify us immediately. The Coliseum does have free WiFi. Vendors should be prepared to provide samples of their products with ingredient list prominently displayed. All vendors selling products are responsible for any and all sales tax applicable. The Gluten-Free in Florida Support Group is not to be held responsible for unpaid sales tax.

Your assigned space will include a table with white tablecloth and two chairs. Pop-up displays for your table are welcome and electrical access is available for an additional fee. Banners and signage are allowed provided you remain within your 8x10 space and do not cause an inconvenience or danger to other vendors or our attendees. For attendee safety, everything must fit on your 8x10 space. No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or apportion the whole or any part of their space contracted. Volunteers are NOT available if you are not able to send a representative. No wall hung signage.

The Day of the Event – SET UP MUST BE COMPLETE BY 9:30am
The Exhibits are open from 10:am to 4:pm - there will be a private Professionals/Volunteers Meet & Greet at 10:am until 11:am when the doors will be opened to the public.

Set Up: For those bringing in their own product the hall will be open at 8:am and there are two loading docks at the back of the building...with parking just beyond. All exhibitor inventory/supplies MUST have been unloaded into the venue and set-up before the opening of the event at 10:00am.

Clean-up: Exhibitors will exit with their merchandise and marketing materials by 5:30pm.

Therefore, each vendor must handle shipping to their hotel or local representative. If this creates an exceptional hardship for you or your representative please contact us for additional information/instructions. The Coliseum DOES have two loading docks that can be used the day of the Expo. They do have 3 carts in house that people can use. They do not allow pallet jacks or forklifts on the building floor.

Food Safety
Food safety is a top priority, and we must abide by local regulations. Any distribution of open foods for sample or sale will require the necessary sales, health and food server permits.

Promotional Grocery Bags
Attendees will receive a grocery bag distributed at the registration table. We will be happy to include yours in the distribution if received prior to the event. If you wish to have your promotional grocery bag distributed they must be shipped and received by March 15th. Please contact us for further information.

Press releases will go out to traditional and online media. Announcements will be made to our Gluten-Free Community through our support group’s website and listserv. Announcements will be posted in local markets and on internet social networking sites. If your registration and check were received by February 22nd your company name will be listed in our event program. All Vendors are required to announce their participation in the Expo in their own customer publications.

In no case shall the Gluten-Free in Florida Support Group, its volunteers or members, be responsible for any loss, theft or damages by fire or injury to any person or article. It is necessary for all vendors to carry their own theft and other essential insurance if they deem it necessary.


Guests will be made aware that Gluten-Free in Florida Support Group does not necessarily endorse any of the products/services on display, but is simply making information and items available under one roof for their convenience.


  1. Our pepper jellies are gluten free, but they are not made in a gluten-free facility, so we can't put the claim on our labels. Would we be disqualified as a potential vendor because of that?

    1. Could you please email to it's easier to chat. It would depend on the care you take in preparing your jellies and you would need to have a 'possible cross-contamination' notice on your table. Everyone has different levels of sensitivities and we need to be aware of that. We try very hard to provide a safe environment for all of our guests.